Chain problems

ok, I’m using a mod that turns a skyrim companion (Inigo) into a kid but his voice is still that of an adult. i pitch shifted around 150 of the wavs in audacity one by one before I gave up. there are a little less then 4300 wav files to go. Then I’ve read on this forum about chains and thought it was my solution but its not working :frowning:

My chain is thus:

What I want is for it to take the file, shift the pitch up by 15% and save it in another folder. but its not doing it.

another weird thing is that when I try to apply the chain to all the wavs in the folder it shows a chinese/japanese character in the filename what doesn’t exist.

Can anyone help me or point me towards another program?

What are the settings in “User Preset:dave”?

What is it doing?

The problem is probably due to different character encoding between the path name on-disk and the path name in Audacity. The easiest solution would be copy the source files to a new folder that uses only normal alphanumeric character in the path ( and then apply the Chain to the copied files.

Note that Chains give you no control of the folder the processed files are exported to. The files will be in a “cleaned” folder inside the folder the original files are in.


Assuming you are using Audacity 2.1.2 or earlier (see the pink panel at the top of the page), a Chain involving Change Pitch will only work in that Audacity session in which you set the Change Pitch parameters for the Chain. It will not work if you use Change Pitch from the Effect Menu at different settings.

The problem is that the Chain just uses whatever the current Change Pitch settings are as seen when using the Effect Menu, and Change Pitch does not save its settings, resetting to no change when you restart Audacity.

Making the Chain use a Preset doesn’t help either in those circumstances.

In 2.1.3 when released Change Pitch will remember its settings and the Chain will use its own settings whatever the current Change Pitch settings as seen from the Effect Menu.

If you want an alpha pre-release of 2.1.3 you can find it at the top of the Windows Nightly Builds page


I figured it out, I guess 4300 wav files at once was a little much so I did it in 500 file chunks. I didn’t even notice there was an extra folder there lol. Thanks for the help guys.

Yes you can’t do thousands of files at a time. The files are listed in the “File name” box when you select the files and the box will “overflow” if you have thousands of names in it and Audacity won’t then finish processing all those files.