Afternoon chaps,

Only downloaded Audacity this morning so pretty new to all of this. I’ve recorded some audio through a Sony compressor mic which has come in with left and right panning, as you’d expect, relative to the sounds it picked up in the recording process. However, for the output I need I’d prefer to get rid of all panning and centralise the audio. I say this as it’s only vocals and it sounds strange constantly panning between left and right, so I was wondering how I’d be able to…flatten it, almost, as if it were coming out of one speaker rather than right and left speakers. Don’t suppose anyone can help me out on this one?



In Audacity 1.3, Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono and Audacity will mix left and right to produce a “real” mono track which will play equally to both stereo speakers.

If you need two tracks in “stereo” configuration, Duplicate the mono track (Control-D or Command-D) and using the drop-down menus to the left, Make Stereo Track.


Perfect, cheers Koz!