Censoring music

i really need some help with censoring a song because i can’t find an already censored version of the song and because i just downloaded the software. if someone could please send an email on how to do it or send an instruction video it would be greatly appreciated. i need this song for tournament warmup cd if you wanted to know

Censor bleep is 1000Hz sine wave, (you can generate this in Audacity: “Generate” menu, “Tone”).

Some reverse the swearing in music rather than bleeping it out, so it cannot be understood, (unless you play it backwards).
In Audacity “Reverse” is on the “Effects” drop down menu.

The offending words may be silenced, reversed, or replaced by a > sound effect> . Occasionally, the song may be rerecorded with different lyrics,


You could copy a sound from another part of the tune, (e.g. a bass note, drum beat), and replace the profanity with it.
This would be less obtrusive than a censor bleep.

Completely removing a bit of vocal but leaving the music unaffected is next to impossible … http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Vocal_Removal