Cd tracks not appearing in my PC "Music" file

When I try and Import to Audacity I go to my PC Music file. For some reason, however, a lot of the CDs that I have ripped on my computer either in Windows Media Player or ITunes don’t appear in the Music library and I am unable to gain access to them for Audacity purposes. Can anyone help? Thanks.

If the files play in Windows Media Player or iTunes, they are obviously on your computer somewhere.

In Windows Media Player I can right-click on the icon/artwork and there is an option to “Open File Location”. Or you can use Windows Search if you know the file name or part of the file name.

Thanks for your response. I have done as you suggested but when I right click on the artwork in WMP it comes up with “open” but not “Open file location”. Am I doing something wrong?

Go ahead and open it and then try again while it’s playing.

I tried the same thing in iTunes. I right-click, select Album Info, then I click the File tab and it shows the location at the bottom of the window.

Or like I said, use Windows search. …The player software usually doesn’t care about the physical location (or file names or file organization) as long as it’s indexed in the player’s library and it knows where it is.

the CDs that I have ripped on my computer

Open up the ripper and see where it likes to put them.