CD size 700mb actual reording?

I have a file of 669 mb trying to burn onto a 700 mb cd…it appears this is not possible right,or should it be possible,as windows media says its too big.
Do I have to cut my audacity recording?

Audio CDs go by time, not MB. An Audio CD runs out of juice at about 78 minutes. Maybe a little over.


On M3 I have put more than 10 hours on a cd in the past ?

Do you mean MP3? Yes, if you burn MP3 to a data CD you can go up to the capacity in MB that the disc has, however long the files are.

If you burn to music CD or audio CD for playing on standalone CD players then the burner will convert the audio to PCM 44100 Hz 16-bit stereo (large and uncompressed audio, like WAV), even if the source audio is MP3 or some other format. The PCM audio limits the playing time according to the burning methods used. The safe limit that ensures your disc will play is 74 minutes. The maximum is 79.8 minutes (by burning into areas that are not supposed to contain audio data according to the CD specification). You can exceed 80 minutes on a 700 MB audio CD by spacing the data slightly more tightly, but only CD factories can do that, as a rule.

Of course there are CD-R or CD-RW disks on the market with larger capacity than 700 MB but there is no guarantee that a CD player will play them.

If this is more than one file, choose the option to burn the CD without gaps. Or try another burning software. This one works well for me when I have to go right up to almost 80 minutes: DeepBurner - Powerful CD and DVD Burning Package .


So,I bought the wrong cd?this is a cd-R80 is there no way I can burn MP3 without gaps on it? for the 10 hours of music?
Will it compress even more if I make the quality “low”?
I have downloaded “DeepBurner” and will try…thanx

I just deep burned 12 hours of music on a cd using data burn-thanks :smiley:

OK, but remember that a standalone CD player like in a car or in a boom box/music centre won’t play that.

A computer will play it. Some DVD players will play it.


12 hours of music on a cd

You should use all the words. You put 12 hours of poor quality music on a Data CD. Chances are zero that this disk is going to play in your mum’s Buick. You have to know your audience when you start to mess with standards.

A Data CD will also carry Photoshop files or Word for Windows files. Doesn’t have to be music. Those disks are flat, shiny hard drives.

You can also burn even more tons of music (or anything else) on DVD-R and BD-R if you don’t care that a standard music player can’t play it.