cd playback.

Can you tell me why or how to isolate all the tracks i have recorded,the cd player only shows one track even though there are more than 12 tracks.? I can;t skip to the next track.
Gary T

If the goal is to produce an Audio CD, you have to burn an Audio CD with an Audio CD authoring and burning program such as Windows Media or iTunes.

Both programs allow you to arrange the songs however you want and set the spacing between songs. Other burning techniques do not allow that.


I use [u]ImgBurn[/u] with a [u]Cue Sheet[/u]. You can create/edit the cue sheet with Windows Notepad. I usually start with a known-good cue sheet and edit it.

If you are not using CD-Text you can leave-out the artist & title information… All you need is the file name(s), track numbers, and index-times. (I’ve never used CD-Text because I don’t have a CD player that can read it.)