Im making a CD and I need to transfer the audio file to another computer since I don’t have a CD drive on the computer I made it on. How would I transfer it in a way that would work to show up on the other computer? I have tried using websites on the Wikipedia page that can be used to share large files but most of them are failing when they reach to the end or not transferring over right.

Perhaps you could copy it to a USB memory stick, then copy from the USB memory stick onto the other computer?

I agree. If both computers have USB ports, a thumb drive (or a USB hard drive if you have access to one) is the easiest solution. A CD holds less than 1GB, and you can get 4GB thumb drives for about $5 if you don’t already have one.

Or if you can get both computers on a network, you can transfer from one to the other.

Or, you can get a USB CD/DVD burner for less than $50.