CD de-emphasis EQ preset for Audacity 3.x

Using the good work by kozikowski and steve from back in 2009 -
I have created a CD de-emphasis EQ preset suitable for Audacity 3.x

FilterCurve:f0="20" f1="50" f10="3000" f11="4000" f12="5000" f13="6000" f14="7000" f15="8000" f16="9000" f17="10000" f18="11000" f19="12000" f2="100" f20="13000" f21="14000" f22="15000" f23="16000" f24="17000" f25="18000" f26="19000" f27="20000" f3="500" f4="600" f5="700" f6="800" f7="900" f8="1000" f9="2000" FilterLength="8191" InterpolateLin="0" InterpolationMethod="B-spline" v0="0.0" v1="-0.001" v10="-2.43" v11="-3.54" v12="-4.53" v13="-5.38" v14="-6.1" v15="-6.69" v16="-7.19" v17="-7.61" v18="-7.95" v19="-8.25" v2="-0.004" v20="-8.49" v21="-8.71" v22="-8.89" v23="-9.05" v24="-9.18" v25="-9.3" v26="-9.4" v27="-9.49" v3="-0.096" v4="-0.138" v5="-0.186" v6="-0.241" v7="-0.303" v8="-0.37" v9="-1.29"

Save this as a text file, name it something like “CD-de-emphasis-preset.txt”
then Import it into your “Filter Curve EQ” settings.
Feel free to change/improve.

Nice :nerd:

You can also achieve that effect with a high-shelf filter. For example, in the Nyquist Prompt effect, apply this code:

(eq-highshelf *track* 5000 -10 0.48)

For convenience, here’s the file:
CD-de-emphasis-preset.txt (708 Bytes)
For future reference, here’s how to attach a file to your forum post:
(though it’s also nice that you have posted as “code” so that it can be seen without having to download anything)

Thanks steve. This will be useful as we continue to occasionally come across old CD’s with pre-emphasis.
It’s important to note that some of these CD’s reveal their PRE-EMPHASIS flag only in the sub-code of the disc, not in the TOC as they should, and the majority of CD rippers only look for the flag in the TOC (apparently there are legal problems with software applications accessing the sub-code). Such is the case, for example, with Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees, CBS Japan 35DP-20 which I acquired recently.
Obviously we need to be diligent about when de-emphasis is actually needed!
Here are two useful lists of pre-emphasized CD’s

Or if you like to determine these things, yourself, CUERipper for Windows (part of CUETools) can read the disc SUBQ and reveal pre-emphasis flags there.
Or if you have a Linux installation, cdda2wav can also read the SUBQ.