CD burning and CUE SHEET

I have a project “Dark side of the moon”-like, where songs are one after one without pauses, see image below:


now I want to burn a CD with a single trace with different songs/titles

I know that I must use Cue sheet, but it is not clear for me how I have to proceed after I’ve done the laver2cue file…

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I know that I must use Cue sheet

I don’t think that’s true. Audio CD Authoring and Burning programs such as Windows Media and iTunes allow you to burn an Audio CD with no gaps between the songs.

The machine I’m typing on doesn’t have an optical drive, but you can see where the setting would be if I had one. Zero is a valid number.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.54.02.png

I see you have overlaps on some of the songs. Audio CDs don’t support overlaps like that. The disk is going to play the overlap as part of one song or the other—or possibly a snivvy of song two at the end of song one and song two will have a snivvy of the end of song one. If you do make the continuous presentation work right, it will not sound right if you play the songs individually.


Missed one.

different songs/titles

Audio CDs don’t carry song titles. If you put a CD into a computer, it will go on-line and look up the titles. If you have an older car with no internet, the songs will arrive as TRACK 01, TRACK 02, TRACK 03, etc., up to TRACK-99 which is the highest number.

There is a variation for CD Text which some players don’t know how to play and I don’t either.

I think what you’re supposed to do is post the work on a music service and play it into the car’s on-line music system as you drive. Then I believe you can do all these tricks.


laver2cue file

I don’t know what that is, but [u]here is an example cue sheet[/u] with one WAV file and track markers.

If you are not using CD Text you can leave out all of the title & performer information, etc. All you need is the file name, track number, and index times.

You can create/edit the cue sheet with Windows Notepad. I usually start with a known good cue file and then edit it. Or, you can copy/paste the text from the example and edit that. Then save with a .CUE file extension or change to .CUE from .TXT after saving.

It’s OK to have a WAV file with crossfaded/overlapped songs, you just have to decide where to put the track markers.

I’ve made a few “mix CDs” with crossfaded tracks and I use the same one-big-WAV file method for “live” CDs.

I use ImgBurn to burn the CDs. In ImgBurn, you select “Write image file to disc”, then drag-in or browse-to the cue sheet file.

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