CD Burner does not 'see' Audacity track marks?

Win10 and Aud 3.2.4 here…I’m sure this has been covered before but in a search I did not see it.
I have a large project (fifty 10" tapes) now finished and exported to FLAC for DAC use but also doing a quick burn to CD of some of my work and I see that my burner does not recognize any of my track marker work? In addition to having 30-40 track per tape file I’ve also used Mp3tag to enter Title, Artist, Album, at each track marker. Quite a project :slight_smile: .
How can my track marker work be recognized when burning a CD?
What am I missing here? Thanks in advance for any incite.

Different burning applications may handle it differently. If you have separate tracks, most applications will probably put them in “alphabetical order” so naming the files like 01 White Christmas.FLAC might work.

I use [u]ImgBurn[/u] with a [u]Cue Sheet[/u]. With a cue sheet you can have individual files or one big file. If you don’t have separate files a cue sheet is the only to set track markers.

A cue sheet is simply a text file named .CUE so you can create and edit them with Windows Notepad. I usually start with a known-good cue sheet or one of the examples and edit it.

I’ve also used Mp3tag to enter Title, Artist, Album, at each track marker.

Each “regular” audio file can have (or should have) only one set of metadata… So only one title and one track number, etc., per file. (I’ve heard that MKV and MKA files can have chapter markers but I’ve never used those formats.)

Like Koz says, an audio CD doesn’t normally have track names or metadata. It doesn’t have “computer files” and that’s why they have to be “ripped” and you can’t simply copy the files to your hard drive. And of course your homemade CD won’t be found in the online databases.

There is something called [u]CD Text[/u] but not all CDs have it and not all CD players support it. I think ImgBurn can burn CD Text onto the disc but you’d have to research how to do it.

I leave that extraneous stuff out of my cue files but you’d need it for CD Text.

What burner software are you using? Windows Media needs (last I checked) individual stereo WAV files at 44100 sampling rate, 16-bit. The burn will not have any metadata such as song titles, dates, or performer. Sometimes, if you play the CD on a machine with internet access, the player will go on-line and figure out the titles. If I play them in my old pickup truck, I will get TRACK-01, TRACK-02.

There are modifications of the standard CD format which do carry song titles, but I would have to look that up, and your burner has to support them.


The older Mac iTunes would let me create Playlists with the songs in any order, and then burn a playlist to CD. That worked for a long time, but they changed things around a bit ago and I don’t know how they do it now.


Thanks for trying to help Koz
Sorry…for some reason I’m not seeing Replies to my post, and, when I go up to the “Quick Index” on this Forum and look under My Posts I do not even see this thread…anyway, so I haven’t circled back.
OK…no burner software being used here…just sending the file to my HHB (and assuming it will see my tracks just as dubing a CD to my HHB burner does). So that’s my 1st mistake.
Next, I’ve been hung up on thinking all my tag work (title, artist, album) would come over. The reason I was hung up on that is…that’s all info I do want to come over to my home system when I get to that point (using Music Bee, Media Monkey, or whatever). I should just forget that for now and be happy to just have markers on a CD I might burn.
So…obviously I need burner software…and possibly just burner that comes w/it’s own software.