Catalina audio problems

Using iMac Catalina and Audacity 2.4.2. When I import my .aup files from my previous Mac there is no audio in the tracks window and of course no sound. Is there a fix for this or are all my older .aup files gone forever? The data folders are intact.
Thanks for any help!

The AUP file and its associated “_data” folder must be in the same folder.
– Bill

They are, that’s what confuses me. Thanks though.

I wonder if it’s because I recorded the tracks on an earlier macOS and possibly an earlier version of Audacity. But not more than a year old at most. That computer fatally crashed so I’m playing the tracks from a Time Machine backup. I guess I just have to kiss the files goodbye.

If you get no error message about missing block files then it seems the files containing the audio contain silence.

Try opening a new project and dragging one of the AU files (inside any _data folder) to see if the files contain silence or audio.

– Bill