catalina 10.5.4. with audcaity 2.3.3 on mac air 2020 transmit workaround not working

Brand new mac air 2020 intel core i5
catalina 10.5.4
audacity 2.3.3
blue yeti usb mic

I had been using the transmit workaround in order to bypass the mic access issues using catalina.
I accidentally allowed the newest update and now the workaround doesn’t work. I’m simply getting a flat line on the track when I record.
Anyone else experiencing this?
With the previous version of catalina, the transmit workaround did the job, but now as well as it not recording I’m getting all kinds of orphan files messages and then a suggestion that I am saving to an external device and other applications are vying for space.
Needless to say I am not running any other applications, nor am I saving to an external device.

Please help!

Brand new mac air 2020 intel core i5
catalina 10.5.4
audacity 2.3.3

I am a total rookie hoping to do the exact same thing. My input is directly connected through the headphone jack using a 1/4" adapter tothe 3.8mm cable-male to male directly into the input port. The mac doesn’t seem to know its there…

I tried the workaround, but wasn’t asked about the microphone selection mentioned in the workaround. Should I just wait next month? Looks like I’ll have plenty of time on my hands.

Hi again
Is there anything I can do to get this post some attention, as I am unable to use my new mac for the purpose it was bought for, which is a huge bummer.

I just installed Mac OS Catalina. I then updated my audacity to the most recent version 2.3.3. I was carful to use the terminal app trick, but it did not ask about the permissions for the microphone. In the preferences-devices, I can only select built-in input. My TikiBlue is connected via USB and it is recognized by the MAC. I hope someone replies to me and all the others who have asked about this in this forum soon -desperate.

fix for audacity catalina mic access issues

the awesome folk at Tutorial Tuesday have resolved the issue!!

This forum was bobbins, but hopefully, somebody will benefit from me posting this.
Hope so.

A better solution next month: Audacity 2.4.0 is scheduled for release.

Hi Steve
That’s great news.
In the interim I believe the gentleman at Tutorial Tuesdays is after passing on his excellent solution to you to disseminate.
Might be a nice thing to put on the main board as it was hellish trying to find a fix in this forum.
The address again for his fix is