Cartoon voice effects?


I’m an experienced digital photographer and PC tutor;
but I need some advice on using Audacity. :astonished:

I have used it for basic LP vinyl records to HD and CD-ROM conversion, no problems there.

Then I thought - I could make my own silly voice clips for another project
(OK its not a serious beardy project, just for fun and uploading to an animation site)
I’d like to take a couple of clips and turn them into silly voices, cartoon like.

Any idea how to do this from the basic Audacity tools?
and is there a useful plug-in that might help? pitch variation etc.

I know just speeding it up makes the pitch higher, but also shorter and hard to understand and I know the old tape editing way of speaking slowly
then speeding up the thing -but that’s not quite so useful, in fact that’s the Alvin and the Chipmunks trick

All tips apprecated :mrgreen:
Failing that -is there another freebie software that will do the trick?

Pitch change didn’t work? You can apply it more than once. I think you get one octave per application.

There was something magic about that tool and the program duration (speed) tool. They’re supposed to not interact, but some versions of Audacity had troubles.