Capturing Metadata and importing to iTunes

I’m using 2.0.3 on Windows 10 and also 2.1.0 on Windows 7.

I have created a label track. I use File/Edit Metadata to enter the album name and artist. Then File/Export Multiple to create my files.

I use Windows Media Player to burn the disc.

Then, I load iTunes to import the disc. The title and artist come up blank and the track names come up Track 01, Track 02, etc.

Using iTunes ‘Get CD Info’ simply goes to that database. If the album is in the database, it finds the information. If not in the database, no joy. Is there a way to encode this information on the disc itself? Is this even a function of Audacity? For instance, can the information be stored in the files then carried along when the disc is burned?

Thank you.

Audacity won’t help. There is something called [u]CD Text[/u] but I’m not sure if iTunes or Windows Media Player will read it. (It wasn’t part of the original audio CD spec and I don’t know how common it is on commercial CDs.)

As you may know, if you make “computer files” such as MP3, AAC, or FLAC instead of an audio CD, the media player should read the metadata. (Tagging for WAV files is not well standardized so it can be hit-or mix).

I’m not sure this is the ‘final’ solution or if it’s just the songs I’m recording but if I export the project using the Windows 10 version of Audacity and use the Windows 10 version of Media Player, it seems to pick up the metadata (artist, album and tracks).

When I launch iTunes and insert the disc, everything appears. Maybe the problem was with the Windows 7 version of Audacity and/or Media Player.

All I know is right now the songs I’m converting seem to be capturing the metadata just fine.