Capture pitches or notes

I study violin, and i amrecording in audacity the playing of scales, solo melodies and so on. How can see if I am in tune?

I assume there are better tools for that.

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time (except record) so you’d have to analyze a recording. It has [u]Analyze → Plot Spectrum[/u] but I doubt it will be much help unless you’re trying to check just a few notes one at a time. Even then, the harmonics & overtones may make it difficult.

I’m also a violinist. Just record yourself and listen back to the recording - does it sound in tune?

Yes. I can not do it with the Spectrum analysis.
Yes I can hear my recording, but I want to be sure the pitches or notes have the exact frequency.

I found the followings pages, that solved my problem:
Its can help to others.
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