Can't Unsync Tracks

Hi there,
I recorded several threaded tracks for a podcast (mono). When I imported intro music (stereo), I messed around with the sync tracks button. Now it seems I can’t unsync them. How do I set this as all tracks unsynced?

Have you released the Sync-Lock Tracks button?

Also read about Time Shifting. If there is a selection in more than one track, and you drag inside the selection, all selected tracks will move.


I have, yes. It still grabs both tracks, unfortunately, regardless.

The first thing to check is that Sync-Lock is off.
Look in the “Tracks” menu and ensure that “Sync-Lock tracks (on/off)” is not ticked.

If the audio selection extends across multiple tracks, and you drag with the Time Shift tool from within the selection, then all audio clips that are spanned or partially included in that selection will move. Audio clips that are not selected (other than the clip that you click and drag) do not move.

To deselect all audio, press “Command + Shift + A”, then drag a clip with the Time Shift tool.