Can't unbind shortcut keys (F9 and F10)

Hello everyone,
I’m using Windows 7 with Audacity version 2.0.5. I’m unsure if this is a bug but when pressing either F9 or F10 the input volume slider goes straight to max at 1.00, this wouldn’t usually be a problem but I used a lot of shortcuts and both F9 and F10 are used for my recording software. I know the quick fix around this is changing the shortcuts on my recording software but it would be nice if this could be fixed. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? Side note: These two shortcut keys are not mentioned in the edit > preference > keyboard menu.

Just found out for some reason when my recording software (which is Mirillis Action) is on, then the recording shortcut keys change the input sound, however if it is not on then it doesn’t. So I’m guessing there is a problem occurring between both programs. Is anyone else getting this issue with other recording software?

Did you try pressing “Defaults” then OK in the Audacity Keyboard Preferences?

The current Audacity version is 2.0.6 That version has a much better interface for Keyboard Preferences allowing you to search by key to see if Audacity is using it.


If Mirillis sets global shortcuts for manipulating the Windows volume sliders then you will need to set F9 and F10 to some action in Audacity to prevent pressing F9 and F10 changing the volume in Audacity, or disable the Mirillis shortcuts.


Thank you for the quick replies!
I’ve updated Audacity, however if I add the shortcuts F9 and F10 to do something in Audacity won’t it cause problems when I press record for mirillis action? also I downloaded Dxtory free trial and tried it with Audacity and it seem to work fine even when I changed the shortcuts in Dxtory so I’m wondering if its a mirillis action problem and not Audacity. Also I don’t think mirillis action is changing the global volume as the volumes for the computer system stay the same, it just seems to effect Audacity’s recording volume.

We don’t make Mirillis so we can’t tell you what it does or how to use it. However if you see Mirillis changing the recording volume in Audacity then that is happening because it is changing the recording volume for that device in Windows.

Audacity shortcuts are not global so if you set F9 and F10 in Audacity that won’t stop you using F9 and F10 in other applications.