Can't select "IDT HD Codec" to record playback[SOLVED]

Noob here, running Audacity 2.0.5 on Win 7, trying to rip audio from youtube video playback of the 2013 auburn vs Alabama football game, an online tutorial ( said to select this: Rec. Playback (IDT High Definition Audio Codec) to source the audio rather than sourcing from the speaker set through the microphone. However, I only have the two standard microphone selections: Mcrosoft Sound Mapper & Microphone (Realtek High Definition). I have downloaded the LAME encoder plus the FF mpeg import/export library. So my question is: how do I add the “IDT HD audio codec” to my microphone selections? Thanks in advance!


Do you have the copyright holder’s permission to do that?

That “Tutorial” is rubbish, and installing LAME and FFmpeg is irrelevant to recording computer playback. By “IDT” they mean whatever your built-in sound device is - in your case it’s Realtek.

Please consider reading official Audacity documentation in the Manual instead: :wink:

As you are on Windows 7, you can try the “Windows WASAPI” solution mentioned in our Tutorial. This is the method the half-baked E-How tutorial is probably trying to describe. It does not work on Windows XP or earlier.

So, in Device Toolbar , choose the Windows WASAPI host.

For output, choose the “Speakers” or “Headphones” for “(Realtek High Definition)” as appropriate.

For input, choose the (loopback) option for the same device you chose for output. For example, if you chose “Speakers (Realtek High Definition)” for output, choose “Speakers (Realtek High Definition) (loopback)” for input.


Dear Gale, So kind of you to reply with factual information to my question. As happens so frequently the info obtained from a google search was indeed “rubbish”, and being inexperienced I didn’t know the difference. In response to your first question, I only want to dub a short audio clip of the “play-by-play” of the last-second kick return and a few other key plays, and each clip will be quite short and so falls under the “fair use” provision, so copyright permission not required in this instance. I explored the configuration options using the Windows WASAPI host as you suggested and am now happily creating the desired audio dubs. Many thanks, you are the best!

Kind regards,


Dear Gale, I have to say I am so enjoying Audacity & the ability to have an audio clip available so that each time my dear friend calls, who happens to be a huge football fan, but sadly, for the opposition team; I can play the clip of the last-second 109-yard field goal return for an Auburn touchdown which denied the two-time national champions the opportunity for a third straight title, thereby annoying him totally! Thanks again for your kind advice!

Glad you got it working. :wink:

I’ll lock this topic now, given there is a clean answer to it.