Can't save Project

All of a sudden I’m getting an error message when trying to save a project:

…“Audacity failed to write to a file.
Perhaps/Users/jbtmac/Desktop/ is not writable or the disk is full”…

I have plenty of headroom on my drive and my “Users/jbtmac/Desktop/” is fully writable.

At the same time where the file is to be written is this note:


I’ve never gotten either of these messages before in all the years I’ve used Audacity. Anyone have an idea of how to solve this problem?

Are you trying to write a Project over itself? What happens if you save the Project under a different name?

That error has to do with mother/daughter files interfering with each other.

Overwriting files during editing is not the best idea. Any error or failure anywhere on the machine can cause the show to vanish—forever.


Do you allow your Mac to auto update? In My Opinion, that’s not the best idea, either. Make it tell you when it wants to and then let you decide the time and date.

This: “Ever since I did the security update on 2019-09-07 at 1530 hrs, my Audacity has acted funny.”

Not: “For some reason, suddenly, out of the blue," Audacity is acting funny.”


Sorry for not being as clear as possible – I do not allow automatic updates, but don’t actually recall my last update, so it may be the source – just not certain. I did try changing names of saved files & locations including newly named folders.

Just looks like any new downloads from my Zoom can be saved on computer and opened in Audacity – but can’t be saved to my iMac as Audacity project files - I can however save them to an outboard drive – just not to the computer drive.

My OS is 10.14.6

I Also should mention that I’ve used Audacity on both PC and Mac platforms for several years now without this problem and I’ve not changed any way I’ve dealt with these files. I’m using the latest Audacity version - 2.3.2 for Mac.