Can't restore previous version of file from Dropbox

Not sure what happened, but when in updating audacity on my Windows desktop I somehow lost a lot of info. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry the next time a recorded a new track to that file and didn’t notice what had happened. I know a previous version has the information, but when I try to restore it I get this message: This project was not saved properly the last time Audacity ran. It has been recovered to the last snapshot.

based on the size of the file I am trying to restore, I know the tracks are there somewhere!

I registered as a Windows user, but I also have a Mac

I’m using Audacity 3.1.0

Do you work by editing projects in an online storage?
It is a better practice to work projects that are stored in you internal storage (SSD or HDD).
Once the editing is complete, you may upload the project online.
Then maybe download it again for next edition; but never “work online”.

I actually do save to the hard drive of both computers, but the files are then synced to the cloud.

I think the problem occurred when I failed to update audacity on both computers.