Can't remove popping sound

I’m trying to remove popping sounds and looking at tutorials on how to do it. The problem is, they’re able to delete/edit parts of the track in the spectogram view and the pop goes away- but when I do it, the pop goes away and instead creates pops at either side of where I’ve selected.

I’m a complete noobie to audacity but I can’t find anyone else referencing this problem online.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You might have a [u]DC offset[/u]. You can’t hear DC (zero-Hz) but it makes a click or pop when it kicks-in and kicks-out.

Zoom in close on the artefact that you can see in the track spectrogram view, then switch to the default waveform view. You will then probably see that there’s a discontinuity in the waveform.

Making edits at “zero crossing” points can help to avoid clicks. If that still produces a click, use a short crossfade.

There is also a Click Removal effect, the Repair Effect, or you can zoom-in and manually re-draw the waveform with the Draw Tool, or you can cut-out or just mute the short section with the defect. (If you mute or cut, make sure you are cutting/muting on the zero-crossings or use the short cross-fade so there are no sudden discontinuities in the waveform.)