Can't record via USB with internal mic muted


I’m new to this forum. I need help since the situation doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’m running Audacity version 3.0.0. on Windows 11 Pro. My settings are: Windows DirectSound > mic - Primary Sound Capture Driver / 2 (Stereo) Recording Channel > Speakers - Primary Sound Driver. I’m using a sound board and plugging in via USB to record.

On an older computer I just upgraded from I was able to mute the internal mic on the laptop so it wouldn’t pick up voices from people in the sound booth but still pick up the audio from the live event. Now on this newer laptop I can only record using the internal mic which obviously picks up everything and not just those using microphones during live events. If I mute the internal mic on the keyboard like I’m use to doing on my old laptop it’ll mute the audio altogether and nothing will record.

I’ve looked at all my settings between Audacity compared on the old laptop and within Windows. Everything matches but it just doesn’t function in the same way. I also tried plugging in a headset while I record to see if that was the issue. That doesn’t change things. I’m at a loss. I upgraded from my old laptop “Ol’ Bessie” because it was too slow and lagging for what I need.

Turns out I may have go back to the ol’ girl. It just works as it should. The new laptop, not so much. I’m hoping it’s not a hardware thing, but at this point it kind of looks that way. Anybody else run into this issue? I’ve also tried playing with the different settings within Audacity changing from DirectSound to MME, selecting USB-Codec within Audacity, etc. Nothing fixes it. :question: :question:

mic - Primary Sound Capture Driver / 2 (Stereo) Recording Channel

You need to select the actual USB device. Then it will record ONLY from that device. “Primary Sound Driver” is probably mapped to the laptop’s microphone through the built-in soundchip.

I’m using a sound board and plugging in via USB to record.

What “sound board”"?

selecting USB-Codec within Audacity,

That should work as long as the USB device and drivers are working. Most USB audio devices are plug-and-play with the Microsoft-supplied drivers but some higher-end hardware requires manufacturer-supplied drivers.

You can also check your hardware and drivers, etc. with [u]Listen To This Device[/u]. That should work without running Audacity or any application.