Can't record using zoom h5 xlr input, line 3 or 4

My current problem as a newbie is getting audacity to see my line 4 coming from my zoom h5. It has no problem seeing the stereo mic in, which in the h5 is line 1 and 2, and it shows up on the audacity mic monitor, but i want to directly plug my guitar, or any other instrument, or external mic, through line 3 or 4. It doesn’t register at all. Any tips?

Do you have a separate recording device in Device Toolbar for channels 3 and 4?

There is no law that you must use the H5 as an interface. You can record to the SD card.


Thanks Gale. Unfortunately, the only way i have to input to the computer is through the h5, or the sd card, but that’s now what i want to do. Anyway, i figured it out last night - i have to select stereo mixing from the h5 instead of multitrack. A seemingly insignificant thing, but that did the trick. Thanks for the idea!

Thanks, Terry for letting us know. Audacity as shipped does not support ASIO Audio Interface, so yes - sending Audacity four channels of recording is unlikely to work.