Can't record using USB

I am using version 2.0.5 on windows 7. I use 2 Numark NDX400 CDJ’s and a Gemini PS3-USB mixer. I am trying to record sets through the USB section onto my laptop. I don’t have a line-in component on my laptop so that isn’t an option, only the USB. The laptop I use is a HP Pavilion g6. Is it the settings in my laptop or on Audacity that need changing?


Does the Gemini mixer show-up as an input option in Audacity, or in the Windows Control Panel?

Do it see any USB audio devices? (Sometimes Windows “thinks” a USB audio interface/device is a USB microphone.)

Did the Gemini come with drivers, or does it use the generic “class compliant” Windows USB audio drivers?

The way it’s supposed to work is that the drivers are the interface between the application and the hardware. The Windows application should talk to any Windows driver, and the driver talks to the particular/special hardware. (The same way that any Windows word processor works with any printer without “knowing” anything about the particular printer, as long as the printer has its Windows drivers installed.)