Can't record using Audacity

Hello all

Audacity 2.4.2
Mac - Catalina 10.15.7

hopefully someone can help me!

I’m trying to record from my DJ mixer into my laptop running the above. I’ve a got a phono lead from the ‘Booth’ out of the mixer into my laptop using an adaptor to USB-C connection.

When i hit record nothing happens, no sound nothing. I can’t even choose the correct input, only mac speakers. When i enter the code into terminal which is recommended I can choose the correct input but I then get the error code - 9986 internal port error.

Anyone git any ideas? thanks in advance


Does this solve the issue:

No, that box is ticked. I’ve allowed Audacity access to the mic.

Like I said, I have access to another recording device other than macbook air mic and it just doesn’t work

Please post the “Audio device info” so that we can see what devices Audacity can access.

I’ve a got a phono lead from the ‘Booth’ out of the mixer into my laptop using an adaptor to USB-C connection.

What adapter? Name and model number?


Hi guys, apologies no adapter is used. Just a phono to USB-C cable. Phono is plugged into the booth output. DJ mixer is a Bozak AR-4 (new freshly built one).

Just tried on Garageband and I get the same issue - program recognises the input and names it UC02 (same as Audacity) but still no audio.

Really strange, could the cable be broken?

Thanks again

So if this ‘just a’ “just an abc to xyz cable” I do not think you are going to get it to work! Your cable at the mininum is going to need some kind of microprocessor, clock, and A-to-D converter in it. So it is going to need at least a little hump in it somewhere. Anyway that’s what I used to think…

So now, I see this device, “VENTION USB Type C to 2 RCA Audio Cable for Xiaomi LG Home Theater Amplifier”. It is about $11-12, and I have no idea if it works or not, but it doesn’t seem to have any hump. But it does seem to be output only.

If your device is similar, I wonder if you could use your device to output to your mixer?

So what does work for input. Quite a few Audacity users are using the Behringer UCA 202 or UCA 222 device (about $19 from Sweetwater). Of course you would probably also need a stereo RCA cable and a USB-C converter.

I hope this helps. :smiley: