Cant record sound from a mic

Hello there
Using Audacity 2.4.2 on a chrombook laptop

At first instant I have an in built mic with the machine. I load Audacity. I press the big red record button and talk into the mic, but it dose not register sound! I know my mic dose work as it works with other programs. Please see this video for clarity

Windows user here. Do you have microphone permission? On Windows and MacOS, you need to give Audacity access to the microphone. I believe Linux requires the same.

windows; am i on the wrong board or something?
I dont know what microphone permission is, but it dose work on O.S (please see the video above).

But how do you go about giving Audacity access to the microphone then?


PS is chrombook a linux version of it or something ?

Yes, last I heard, Audacity doesn’t run on Chromebook, BUT Audacity DOES run on Linux and Chromebook has a Linux support mode on it.

As I said I am a Windows guy. Hopefully a Chromebook or Linux user will contribute. In the meantime, I would do an internet search for Audacity and Chromebook to get some ideas.

Post back your solution.

yes i think i remember now downloading it from the terminal link
But there is a live version of Audacity for chrombook

So guess I will go and find the relavent part of this forum to ask about linux

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