Can't record PC internal sound


I forgot that my Bluetooth headset messes up my Audacity settings, and it did again.

So I went to this page:

and I followed the instructions but it still won’t record.

Sometimes I get an error message and sometimes the track comes up but the main cursor does not move as it should when recording or playing back. It just stays stuck.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot

Note that Windows won’t actually start a loopback recording until after data is present on the stream. Do you have anything actively playing ?

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Yes, audio was playing. It makes no difference. The cursor still won’t move.


Yes, audio was playing… Where was it playing…???..What was playing it…???

Try other Host, and record settings…

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Hi the Audacity settings are in the pic above. I had them set as advised in the page I linked to above. I also tried every combination of settings and nothing worked.

The audio was a browser tab on Chrome.

Sorry if that’s not enough. Please explain exactly what screenshots you need.

Thank you

Close Audacity
Check your devices are working in Windows settings… can you hear sounds and see the windows level bars moving. Then open audacity…Can you see the devices listed.
Try Windows Direct sound Host, Try Stereo mix (it may need enabled in Windows), and Speakers headphones output.
Not really the same proble, but can you play MP3 etc files in Audacity and is your Mic or linein working

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Not sure if I have understood correctly or not, but the mic is working, the speakers test and headphones test were both ok.

In Windows Settings, Stereo Mix wasn’t on, but now it is.

But it has not made a difference to Audacity.

I also restarted the laptop too, but it didn’t work.

This screenshot was taken while music was playing on a Chrome tab, and I had pressed the Record button in Audacity. The same happened whether it was the speakers or headphones.

oh hang on I didn;t switch Stereo Mix on in Audacity…


Thank you guys, looks like it was Stereo Mix that needed to be on!

Thanks AudyMusik for your help and everyone

Hello everybody!
I have the same problem (I can’t record the sound from the PC itself). I read and performed all the procedures taught in this topic but unfortunately without success!
Even a few weeks ago I opened a topic regarding this problem, but I still can’t solve it.
When I click to record, the images appear as I started this topic
Any help or guidance would be most welcome.


You need to make sure all device drivers are installed , enabled and working in windows itself before trying to get it working in Audacity.
then Close down and reboot, and open Audacity, select the device you are using, if internal sound eh playing mp3 or youtube you probably need windows Mixer. Get it going from windows control panel sound…enable it and set volume to max…also untick boxes to disable sound enancement.
You need to post here what is happening…dont just say it is not working

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