Can't record in Stereo Presonus USB Audiobox

I tried recording stereo on both a XP and Win7 and no luck. It worked on the XP until recently and I tried it on the Win7 today.
Could my Presonus be punking out on me?

Audacity 2.0.5

Did you set the Audacity Device Preferences to Stereo? You never said those words.


Yes, I did set it to Stereo.

So what is it doing?
Is it recording one channel only from the Presonus Audiobox onto one channel of a stereo track, or is it recording both channels mixed down to a mono track, or something else?

I think I know this one. This isn’t a mixer. Whatever you put into “1” comes out on the left of the stereo show. Put it into “2” and it comes out on the right of the stereo show. It’s a Stereo Interface in that if you put stereo microphones in, it will provide a digital stereo show.

Did I hit it?


OK, but I’m using a guitar and bass to record. I used to be able to record a rhythm guitar track in stereo while plugged in the left only. But not anymore.

What used to happen to an instrument plugged into Right? Koz

The same thing. Very frustrating. Thank you for your help.

I downloaded the Presonus User Manual and it tells how to reassign any physical connection to any music connection within the software. I didn’t get down to the button-pushing level, but I think that’s where your mix went. I hope you got the software drivers – and license – with your Audiobox. It seems the license and drivers are registered software.

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 11.22.16 PM.png
Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 11.19.49 PM.png

Not really “stereo”. That is “mono on 2 channels”.
You can produce a 2 channel mono track from a (1 channel) mono track by duplicating the track (select the track then press Ctrl+D), then from the upper track, click on the track name and select “make stereo track” in the drop down menu.
There isn’t really much point in using stereo tracks for mono instruments, unless you intend to apply stereo effects to them (such as stereo chorus).

Yeah, I agee with you on that. I use to be able to record mono on “stereo” and both red meters were moving. Now only the left or right will show.

Without the special software, the box turns into a straight Left-Right digitizer – what you have now. You need the software license to make what you want – or create the two-track show artificially later in Audacity Post Production.


I bought the Presonus brand new which included Studio One Artist 2, I haven’t installed it yet. I’ve been using Audacity for about 2 years with a Marantz Graphic Equalizer/Audio Mixer EQ430 and about 3 months with the Presonus after the Marantz died out after 36 years.
I really like Audacity and will continue to use it, I will have to “create the two-track show artificially later in Audacity Post Production”.

Thanks for all your help Koz and Steve.