Can't record if software playthrough is not on

Hi i’m just new to audacity

Before i can record my guitar playthrough audacity with and without software playthrough on. After a month i uninstalled audacity. its only until this october 2018 that i downloaded Audacity again to record again but this time it doesn’t even let me record anything. Whenever i start recording, no sound is being recorded and the recording line doesn’t move that much. when i stop recording, it either records some cricket sounds or none at all. However, if I enable software playthrough, i can record my guitar playing with ease but only when i enable software playthrough that i am able to even record anything. I do not like enabling software playthrough in my pc because the sound is delayed even when latency is 0. Does anyone have the same problem?

My system is Windows 8.1. I tried to find the problem by looking at all parts of the signal chain. i found no issues on my guitar jack that is connected to pc and the sound card of my pc because i tried using the app Sound Recorder and it was able to record what i am playing. but when i opened audacity the same problem still exist so I am speculating that there might be a problem with the settings of my audacity? any thoughts?

You didn’t say what hardware you have or how your guitar is connected but make sure you’ve selected the actual physical guitar input/device as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. (Don’t select Stereo Mix, or Loopback, etc.)

And don’t confuse Recording Latency with Machine Latency.

Audacity has adjustments so you can make your new, live track match the backing track exactly. It’s part of Overdubbing Setup.

It’s most unlikely you can listen to yourself while you perform live with a simple microphone because your voice has to go into the machine turn around and come back out again. It’s going to be late and there isn’t anything you can do about it short of changing the microphone or recording system.

If you have a fancy microphone or interface, you can listen to that. I called that Perfect Overdubbing where you hear a “Production Mix” of your show—you and the backing track—in your headphones.


I am only using a Generic 1/4 Inch Stereo Jack To 3.5mm Stereo Adapter. I connect it to my own Guitar cable and the other end is connected to my Zoom G3X. I connected the adapter to the Front Mic slot and audacity detects it as such so i often select it as my recording device.

Here’s how it looks like here

and this is what audacity detects here

Oh i didn’t know know that there’s a setup for Overdubbing :astonished: Thank you for the info