Can't Record From External USB Microphone

I bought a new laptop, set up Audacity. Despite selecting my external USB microphone from the drop-down list, checking to make sure that the external USB microphone is the default sound source on the laptop, tested it and it works, even denied access for apps to the laptop’s built-in microphone, Audacity still records from the laptop’s built-in microphone and not the selected external USB microphone. I don’t understand, this is driving me crazy!

On Windows 10> you need to give apps (like Audacity) permission to use a microphone …

Also, you may need to to Transport > Rescan after plugging in your USB microphone and then select it with Audacity’s Audio Setup button.

I did both suggestions before, just did them again, still not working. The laptop itself shows that the microphone is working. I’ve selected it in Audacity, it’s just not recording. It all works perfectly on my old laptop, I double checked all the settings etc. I just don’t know why it’s not working in Audacity.

Try Tools > Reset Configuration.

Also, move the recording level on the microphone meter up to maximum.