Can't record from Aux between cassette player and laptop

I have version 2.1.0 and I am on Windows 8.1.

The problem is I can’t record from my cassette player to my laptop using and aux cable between the headphone port on the cassette player and the single duel support port on my laptop. I have recorded tapes prior on another laptop using the same setup using the stereo mix but when I try recording from said stereo mix all I get is this internal whining, droning noise. I have tried every variable of playback and recording devices but when I do get audio all I get is the noise. I have made sure that my system and Audacity are both recording and playing back in the same sample rate and format, 16-bit depth at 48000 Hz and still get the same issue with noise. I have looked through the forums but haven’t found anything so I might be overlooking or it hasn’t been covered yet.

I’m not sure what else to mention but if I think of something I’ll update the post but will most definitely appreciate all advice/comments/concerns that you all have and hope we can figure this out and get me ripping my tapes again!!!

and the single duel support port on my laptop. I

A combo headphyone/microphone jack?

There a few issues with that… First you need a 4-conductor [u]TRRS Plug[/u] to make the microphone/input connection. (A regular 3-conductor TRS plug will work for headphones.)

Second, it’s a mono input. I assume your cassettes (and cassette player) are stereo?

Third, a the microphone input is too sensitive for a headphone-level signal. (The line-input on a regular soundcard on a desktop/tower computer is OK for a headphone signal.)

The best solution is a [u]USB Audio Interface[/u] with line-inputs. These will normally have RCA, 1/4 inch, or TRS connectors, so you’ll an [u]adapter cable[/u].

I have recorded tapes prior on another laptop using the same setup using the stereo mix

If you are recording from line-in, choose line-in… If you are recording from the mic input, choose the mic. input. Stereo Mix records all of the sound going to your computer speakers (or headphones). That includes any “beeps” or other sounds generated by the computer and any output-noise generated by your soundcard. Stereo Mix is one way of recording streaming audio, but you don’t need it when you’re recording something plugged directly into your computer.

So I plugged in my turtle beach usb adapter that I forgot I had and I set it up so the aux is from the headphone port on the cassette player into the microphone port which is the only one that plays the tapes audio for some reason. My Audacity settings are on NME - MIC=Stereo Mix - 2 Stereo Channels - Playback=Speakers Turtlebeach. What would I have to set it to record from the headphone port since the mic is mono? Doesn’t that negate the recording since the other input is headphone as well and that’s why I can’t get a signal?

Do you mean this

Do you mean the mic port of the adaptor? That’s no use - it has the same problem as the combo input on the computer - it is only meant for recording low level mic signals, not pre-amplified signals from a cassette deck, and it will probably be mono. So all you will get is a distorted mono recording.

You can get a signal if in Audacity you choose the Turtle Beach USB mic for recording device instead of Stereo Mix. Do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in Audacity if you do not see the Turtle Beach mic.

But I would not bother for the reasons stated above. You won’t get proper stereo and it will probably be distorted. Buy the UCA 202 or similar like Doug suggested.