Can't record binaural sound in audacity

Hello, I am using FIFINE Ampligame A8 PLUS. When i record a track in audacity, with “Bi-Directional” mode on, i do not get the expected result: a separate sound for each ear. Am i doing something wrong?

Your microphone is mono. Most microphones are mono.

A true-mono file will play through both speakers.

Stereo microphones are rare. Normally stereo is recorded with one microphone on the left (or pointed toward the left) and another microphone on the right.

But generally, you can only use one USB device at a time so USB mics aren’t usually good for stereo.

The “famous” Blue Yeti mic is multi-pattern with 3 microphone elements inside.

Most people use a stereo audio interface with two analog mics.

A single voice or a single instrument is also mono (except for “wide” instruments like a piano or drum kit).

Sorry, I don’t know what that is.

No it isn’t: it’s got 3 capsules.

On Windows, you need specify if you’re using a stereo microphone

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