Cant record audio using headphone

I’m having recording audio issues. if i play music on my computer, say from itunes or any kinda media player. noting is being recorded through Audacity. But if i use my microphone at the same time, it will record my voice.

I have the correct settings with in Audacity to record! my mic setting is set to my headphones mic (G933) and my speakers are also my headphones (G933) and I’m using MME, thought I’m have tried direct drive and WASIP but still nothing is recorded.

Im using Audacity 2.3.2
Windows 19041.685

If im honest, i dont think this is a error related to build or version, as this has been a ongoing issues that ive never resolved. Just now i need it to work.

Recording music playing on the computer is a bit of a trick.

I don’t think Windows has any provision for mixing two different sound streams, so I suspect you might be able to record your microphone, or your music, but not both. Someone will correct me.

And that will explain this.

this has been a ongoing issues that ive never resolved.

If you’re intent on producing a music podcast, you may be able to use Audacity to record your voice and then open up the music files plus your voice file and do full-on post-production mixing that way.

If your goal is a real-time mixed music and voice podcast, I think you’re missing a machine or two. Plug your microphone into a small sound mixer along with your music player. Your music player must be able to select and cue music quickly and accurately. Plug the sound mixer into Audacity running on your recording computer.

For mix monitoring, plug your wired headphones into the sound mixer. You can’t get the mix sound from the computer, so wireless headphones are out.

I was able to shortcut the process once by playing music into the mixer from the computer and then using the same computer to record the show from the mixer. That works because the recording and playback sides of the computer remain separate. I also had handy computers which at the time had line-level in and out and would plug directly into the mixer. There are relatively inexpensive adapters to make any computer do that.


Gaming headsets frequently work in mysterious ways - not good for recording apps.
Wireless headsets are even more quirky.

If you are only wanting to record your voice, then probably the easiest solution would be to buy yourself a normal $15 wired or USB computer mic (for example, ATR4750-USB). The sound quality won’t be fantastic, but likely to be on-par with a headset mic.

If you are wanting to record your voice plus sound from a game, then there is specialized software for that (this article may be helpful:

You might be able to get additional software do production mixing such as Voicemeeter.

That can make additional sound pathways and mix between them. Jury’s still out on the wireless headset.


So. Up until now, we’re guessing what your goal is. If you post back, be clear on your goal.

“I can’t get my so-and-so to do this” isn’t a goal. That’s the shortcoming. “I want to produce a music podcast is the goal.”


ok let me elaborate… I’m mixing music on a software called Acid Express. I have the basic version, so when i save my music its only in a low quality format. So i was intending to play the mix in Acid pro and then use Audacity to record the sound in a higher quality in real time.

For the full quality version of Acid Express, its a couple of hundreds of pounds and i dont fancy spending that kinda money rite now!

I like to edit the tracks, well some tracks and this software isnt possible,

OK i solved it.

So basically my head phones are a 7.1. So when i selected WASPI any my microphone option to be my heahphone speaks as loopbacks. i didnt change the channels from 2 to 8 (7.1 headphone speakers)

I did how ever get some distortion from my audio recording but that was down the the Doubly and EQ settings. So i turned them all off and set the EQ to flat. Solved the distortion\ clipcking and popping noises.

this wiki website helped me out.