Can't record anything through MOTU Ultralite

Complete newbie here; been a very long time since I did sound production. Can any kind soul point out what I’ve done wrong with my current setup or have I missed out on configuring an obscure setting?

Setup: Windows 8 64-bit, MOTU UltraLite mk3, AT2050 condenser mic, Audacity 2.0.6

I’ve connected the mic to the IN 1 of the mixer, the mixer connected to my notebook. I intend to simply record voiceovers for a short I’ve been working on. I launched Audacity and I’ve been troubleshooting for hours because I can’t seem to record anything with the mic, i.e. there isn’t an option at all on the control panel that enables me to record via the mixer. I can’t for the life of me remember how I could record with ease years ago using the same setup, and searching through the web isn’t pulling up solutions for this issue. Just a side note: this is a new notebook I’m using, so I had to install all devices and update drivers from scratch.

First thing is to check in the Windows Sound Control Panel that the MOTU is recognised by Windows and enabled as a recording device, and that the recording level is turned up.

If that is OK, launch Audacity (or close and re-launch if it is already open), and check that the MOTU is selected as the recording device in the device toolbar.

Ah! Thanks for the quick reply!

I see the problem. Windows isn’t recognising MOTU in the Windows Sound Control Panel. I’ve reinstalled the drivers but it doesn’t seem to work.

Have you rebooted the computer? I recommend a full shut down using the WIN + X menu.

Have you looked in the product manual ( for driver installation instructions?

You can also contact MOTU technical support .