Cant record any sound in latest version 3.3.3

I just got done downloading the most recent update come to find out a old problem resurfaced that I never thought would but here Iam again trying to record samples of YouTube and for the life of me I cant seem to find a way to get the recording to work. I was running my usual ASIO driver because that has worked numerous times for me but since then I have upgraded my audio interface but then I even try just using my PC’s sound driver and that doesn’t seem to work at all ether I tryd the three different host you get to choose from as well. But still no sound? Need help!

*Also side note in the earlier version allowed me to change my input and output no problem as shown in my most recent post. but that has changed now. *

So if you just downloaded Audacity, it will NOT work with ASIO as that requires a special, custom build.

To record from Youtube on Windows, typically you can select WASAPI, then for Recording Device, select “Speakers (loopback)”.

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