Can't record 4 channels on Windows PC with Behringer UMC404HD

Hi guys

First of all - hello to everybody. I have heard great things about Audacity. Now, straight to the problem.

We are starting a travel podcast, and will be 3 persons speaking, thus I have purchased a 4 track Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD with 4 Ultravoice XM8500 Dynamic Cadioid Cvocal Micrphones.

I am running the setup through my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 PC running on Windows 10.

The problem I am seeing is that I can’t seem to run 4 channels. I have looked through the forum here, and tried the following settings, which seems to work for some:

  • Windows WASAPI

However, the problem is that in the device bar I can see two many different options, but not a “4 channel” option. Only mono or stereo. And in terms of the audio input I can only see the following (among other things)

IN 1-2 (BEHRINGER UMC404hd 192KZ)
IN 3-4 (BEHRINGER UMC404hd 192KZ)

There are no options for 4 channels simultanously. I have taken a screenshot which is attached here. Also worth noting that I have just updated all of the drivers, i presume, from the Behringer website.

Have any had similar issues and found a solution? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!
Behringer umc404.png

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We have a section of the forum for multi-channel work. Not all systems work in Audacity. It’s not unusual for makers to have their products mount as collections of stereo devices so when they’re connected cold with no other effort they do something. Multi-Channel is a special service.

Then, when you install special driver or interface software, the full multi-channel process is revealed.

In some cases, it’s never revealed. Some devices require ASIO software which Audacity does not support.


Anything here?