Can't properly export audio from vinyl record.

Recently, I used Audacity to record the audio of a bunch of vinyl records and so far it worked great. Unfortunately there’s this one record from the Beatles that won’t export properly. Although the .aiff file is properly sized, it only plays 50 seconds for one side and 90 seconds for the other. The results are always the same, no matter how often I try.

I’m using version 2.1.2 on OS X 10.11.6. I’m recording with 32-bit 384 KHz and export with AIFF (Apple/SGI) Signed 32-bit PCM.

Make sure you don’t have a selection, or use File > Export Audio not Export Selected Audio.

If that does not help, please use View > Fit in Window and View > Fit Vertically then take a screenshot of your project and attach it (COMMAND + SHIFT + 4, then SPACE, then click the Audacity window). Please see here for how to attach files:


I’m always doing it like that…

Why are you using 384000 Hz sample rate? Exporting a file at that rate could be defeating whatever application you are playing the songs in, as could using 32-bit. And it will make a huge file. AIFF and WAV are maximum 4 GB size as per their specification, but some applications can’t play AIFF or WAV over 2 GB.

24 minutes exported as stereo 32-bit 384000 Hz AIFF or WAV is over 4 GB.

44100 Hz captures the entire frequency range that humans can hear. Try changing the project rate bottom left to 44100 Hz, so that you export a file at 44100 Hz. Use 16-bit AIFF, for greater compatibility.

Other than that, the track looks normal. If you must use 384000 Hz, then export each song as a separate file. If you want to export one file, use RF64 which does not have a practical size limit, but not all applications will play it.