can't open project

My browser froze from a popup so I save the audacity project I was working on, on my desktop. I did a hard restart and then went to go through both audacity program and double clicking on the desktop icon of the file and I keep getting the same message. I can’t attach a docx or a pdf of the screenshot so I don’t know how to show you. but the error message reads “C:\users\lizPC\desktop…” is an Audacity Project file. Use the ‘File > Open’ command to open Audacity projects." and then I click “Ok” and then I try to open it that way and the same thing happens.

The Audacity forum will accept JPEG (jpg) and PNG as picture attachments. DOCX is a Microsoft proprietary document format and PDF generators are paid software.

Open the AUP file in notepad to make sure it’s not blank. Did you save the show under a different project name anywhere in the process? If so, you may need to go back to that one to recover the show.

Which Audacity version do you have?


To save an image next time you need one, press the Windows key and type “Snip” (without quotes). Then you can use Windows Snipping Tool to save a PNG image file.