Can't (iPhone 6) files

I’m trying to use Audacity 2.3.0 on Mojave 10.14 and although the program opens, I can’t open my files (.mov files recorded on iPhone 6). Apparently this version no longer is able to open such files (“this version of Audacity was not compiled with QuickTime files support”). It’s a pity as it was very convenient to record bird sounds with the video function of the iPhone camera app, edit in Audacity and save as .wav.

Have you installed FFmpeg? (see:

Hi there - If it’s helpful, I was encountering the same issue as Mary, but as Steve suggested, I installed FFmpeg, and then it worked just fine, for voice memos recorded with my iPhone 7. It was the only way I could capture my cat singing without arousing his suspicion, as he always stops singing if he sees an actual microphone. Clever lad!