Can't open files located in shared folder

When we want to open an audio file (.mp3) located on the computer, no problem.
When we want to open the same file located in our server, Audacity doesn’t want to :c/
The problem is that in our school we use roaming profile with no files synchronisation then all Desktop and Documents folder are on the servers …

Is there a working around to open files located in shared folder ?

Best regards

Working with audio (or video) over a network is riddled with problems. The easy solution is to copy the required file(s) to the local machine, then use them from there.

You don’t want to open an mp3, you want to import it. It is very important to teach the right workflow, eg

  • create new project (or open existing one)
  • import all audio you need
  • save project


  • save project
  • export audio

Most problem with audio editors stem from people double clicking files and hoping these will open in Audacity, or not taking into account that the mp3 file format isn’t suitable for editing.

I don’t know if using “import” in stead of “open”, will solve your problem. But having the correct workflow will avoid most of the usual pitfalls imho.

Whan saving the project the first time, it should be saved on a local hard drive, not a network drive. The project may be copied over to a network drive after Audacity has been closed, but be sure to keep the AUP file and its _data folder together (see: Audacity Manual)