cant open audacity after installing

whenever i click the audacity icon - nothing happens. here’s what i’m doing: 1) clicked the .dmg to mount it 2) copied the audacity folder to my “applications” folder.
gale andrews gives a third step: “eject the .dmg at bottom left of Finder, then launch from the audacity folder that you copied”. i am totally lost with this third step. 1) i cant find a .dmg to eject at the bottom left of Finder. 2) i cant find in the audacity folder. my OS X ver is 10.8.5 Audacity is 2.0.5
here’s what’s inside my Audacity folder: audacity icon, help folder, languages folder, LICENSE.txt, nyquist folder, plug-ins folder, README.txt., “open in finder”. don’t see anything in there showing when i open Finder from the audacity folder, the only thing in the bottom left of Finder is “FLASH DRIVE” (which is for a memory
stick thats plugged into the Mac.
any help app

I have to double click on my Disk Image (dmg) file to get it to explode into its contents (attached illustration.) Is that what you get?

Go > Applications
Drag the Audacity folder to the Applications icon on the far left of that window. Don’t try to drop it in the Application listing.

Second illustration.

After it arrives in the Application listing, open the folder and double click the program to launch it. If you want, you can also drag that program to your toolbar so you’ll have it down there.
Third illustration.

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 11.12.04 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 11.08.30 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 11.03.47 PM.png

many many thanks for your reply with the screen shots - they were so helpful in showing me some things i was doing wrong HOWEVER, i still can’t launch the program. i’d like to send you a reply with screen shots of my own to show you exactly how i downloaded the prog and my exact steps in the installation - however there’s another prob - i’m not familiar enough with the audacity forum to know how to include an attachment.
i’m assuming that i need to click the img icon from the tool bar. when i do i get this: and i don’t know where to go from here.
if you can get me over this hump, i can send you my installation steps with screen shots.

tks again

ps i have already changed gatekeeper. system pref > security & privacy > ALLOW APPLICATIONS DOWNLOADED FROM ( i have checked the
radio button that says “anywhere” - - so this shouldn’t be an issue

The DMG is mounted in Finder under “Devices”. It’s at the top “Audacity 2.0.5” in Koz’s image here:

Are you sure you dragged the “Audacity” folder (not on its own) out of the DMG and that you are clicking on from within the Audacity folder in /Applications?

If so, what exactly happens when you launch it? If you see an error message, what does it say?

You have to click “Upload attachment” underneath the message window. Please see here for how to attach files: .

To get over that problem first time you run Audacity, you can right-click over it and choose “Open” (whatever Gatekeeper is set to).

I would recommend setting Gatekeeper back to “Apple Store and identified developers”. Audacity should open with Gatekeeper set like that, but Gatekeeper does have some bugs.


TO KOZ, GALE (and anyone else who may have been following this thread
both of you have mentioned to click on whenever i open the audacity folder in applications. this may be the prob. when ever i open the audacity folder i can’t find to click on. here are two screen shots - one showing the audacity folder (that i just previously placed) in applications( screen shot 4) the second screen shot shows the audacity folder exploded(screen shot 7) but there’s no i have even opened each of the sub folders to see if it might be in there.
apparently i went wrong somewhere -it would make for a long post reply but i if you think it would help, i could give you a “blow by blow” description of my steps, beginning with download to installation.


NOT EXACTLY SURE HOW I GOT THE PROGRAM TO LAUNCH THE FIRST TIME BUT HERE’S THE DEAL. WITH AUDACITY OPEN, SIMPLY CLICKING THE RED X IN THE UPPER LEFT, IT MAKES THE PROGRAM LEAVE YOUR SCREEN BUT IT IS NOT CLOSED. BEAR WITH ME ON THIS. IF I CLICK ON THE RED X,THE PROGRAM LEAVES MY SCREEN BUT IF I GO TO THE AUD ICON ON MY DOCK AND CLICK ON IT (once or twice it doesn’t matter) the program does not come back on my screen. however, if i right click the icon and select “quit” the prog really does close because now i can single click the icon and the prog will open- appears on my screen and everything. don’t know whats going on here but it will launch every time if i close the prog using the context menu and click “quit” i’d be interested to know if it works this way on anyone else’s mac.

THANKS to all who tried to bail me out


This is how Mac is, even if you close the last window the program has open.

If you don’t like it then you will have to use Windows instead. :wink: Simple as that.

If you click on the Audacity icon in the Dock (or hold COMMAND and press TAB to task switch back to Audacity), the Audacity menu bar will appear at the top of the Mac screen.

However you have no Audacity window open (because you closed it). To create a new, empty project window or import a file into a new window, use the File menu in the Audacity menu bar at the top of the screen.


Double-click on “Audacity” in your screen shot that has the Audacity headphones icon.

You don’t see “” because you have Finder Preferences set not to show file name extensions (the three or four letters after the final dot in a file name).


thanks for the feedback, Gale - it helps