Can't not load file: first take.aup

Hey I am using windows 10 and I have audacity 2.3.2
And I have a file that I got from my friends computer and I
Tried opening it but kept saying couldnt find the project data folder: “first take _data” then I pressed ok and another error came up saying could not load file: "C:\users\John Okonkwo\Desktop\first take.aup
I’ve seen similar post like this and someone said to separate the file but I don’t know how please help :cry:

The AUP file doesn’t contain the actual audio. You need the entire [u]Audacity Project file/folder[/u].

If you don’t need to share the project it’s best (and easier and more reliable) to share WAV or FLAC files.* (You “save” a project but you “export” regular audio files.)

BTW - I recommend that you export to WAV immediately after recording whether you make an Audacity project or not. It’s “safer” because it’s a single self-contained file (or multiple self-contained files). Audacity projects are a little more “fragile” because they are multiple files with a particular file/folder structure and it’s easier to mess something up, especially when sharing or moving files.


  • As you may know MP3 and AAC are lossy and it’s best to avoid lossy formats during production because the “damage” accumulates with each generation of compression. If you what to use a lossy format, it’s best to compress ONCE as the last step.

This is a Project.

The AUP file is the instructions for how Audacity is to put your show back together from all that stuff in the _DATA folder. You need both.

You need to have both parts in the same location or folder, they have to be named the same and they have to be the name you gave them in Audacity.

Yes, you can shuttle a Project back and forth between contributors, but Export a WAV here and there in case Something Happens. I think one of the shortcomings is Shuttle Production is you lose UNDO.

Certainly, as DVDDoug above, Export a WAV of any and all original recordings and save them in a safe place. Do Not overwrite them in editing. If your computer does something really naughty, you don’t have to start setting up the microphones again. Just open the backups.


So what do I do to get them back cause I recorded a song on my friends computer and he had the same issue so he sent to me to see if I could fix it