can't move pasted section?

Using 2.3.0 in WIN 7 pro. This may not be a bug but didn’t happen with earlier versions.

I copy a section from a track, move to end of track (in blank area) with cursor somewhere past end. Paste clip then try to move forward to connect with rest of track but seems it wont’ move any further forward than cursor location?

Hard to locate cursor exactly where clip is going so adds lots of steps to an operation that used to be a no brainer. Paste, slide, done.

Is there a setting I’m missing? Have auto scroll off and enable section dragging edges on but nothing else I can think of? Thanks!

Another anomaly I found when pasting a section into a blank area, it appears sometimes with a section cut in the middle of it. It’s random and like a ghost cut appearing maybe from a location that had a cut there prior to the paste of the section or the pasted section itself had previously had a cut in it that had been merged, not sure and hard to replicate.

I think you’re trying to do too much in one track.

Make a second track under the first one (Tracks > Add New) and paste in that. The Time Shift Tool (two sideways arrows) will then push either track around independently of the other. Audacity will Automatically smash everything together into one show when you export.

The bouncing sound meter will give you the total volumes of all the tracks playing and the two tracks allow you to individually correct and add effects and filters.

If you want to save the track layout, you can Save a Project—although this won’t save the UNDO. Export WAV for archive and safety. You can’t easily edit an MP3 without adding some sound damage. If you need an MP3, do that as the last step.


Thanks for the reply but these are problems I never had with earlier versions. Last thing I need when I already have a dozen tracks on the screen are new ones for every cut/paste operation.

Besides, then you have to manually align each successive part instead of just pasting each part past the end of your “build” and sliding them back into place. It’s fast and efficient.

I don’t understand what you mean by “try to move forward to connect with rest of track”

The impression that I get from your first post is that you are trying to do this, but for some reason you are having difficulty doing so:

Yes Steve, that video clip is exactly what I was doing when the problem appeared. Copy, paste past end, move to join (forward? back? to left anyway).

Trying to explore this further, I think it has something to do with the condition where if you click the track control panel to select the entire track, then extend the selected area out past the end of the track, when pasting out past the extended selected area, when you move it left to connect, it sometimes only goes as far as the extended selection then moves entire track.

Don’t remember it doing that in earlier versions? Tried again and now the pasted part moves over the extended selected area to join properly. I may have just had too many cuts, pastes and edits to the track I was working on as it hasn’t appeared again.

I’m back with that problem again. I don’t have a way to record the actions but these stills may lend a clue. Hate to find this problem in the upgrade coming.

Middle clip just stuck. Any clues? I did find that if cut bars (?) are still on a cut/paste operation that it can prevent it from being moved but this isn’t the case here

Try zooming in as close as possible on the ends of the audio clip that won’t move. There may be a tiny audio clip in the way.


Regarding this issue, I’ve experienced it multiple times now and there appears to be a fault in the cut/merge bars becoming invisible and connected to “free” floating clips and halting their movements. I find them when trying to move a section that’s stuck and seeing the bar appear momentarily then disappear again. Zooming and deleting it (or merging with nothing) works but thought I’d document it here for future revisions.