Can't monitor & record without recording all tracks to new track?

I am using Windows 10
I am using Audacity 2.3.1

Sorry I know the subject line is confusing. Here is my problem:

I am interfacing my computer/Audacity with a Behringer Q502 USB one channel mixer. I am trying to record a guitar track onto a project where I have already recorded a download of a song (so I can play along with the song while I am recording). Call that track 1. I want to be able to monitor in my headphones the song track (track 1)as well as my guitar. I can do this by pressing the “to main mix” button on the Q502, HOWEVER, when I do that the song track(track 1) records onto the new track along with my guitar. If I take off that “to main mix” button I can hear the song (track 1), and I can record to the guitar track clean (without track 1 recording on that track as well) but when I do that I can no longer hear mu guitar in the headphones.

How can I monitor both my guitar and the existing song track in my headphones, but only record the guitar? Does that make sense? Hope so.

Thanks very much in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

Marc B

I can do this by pressing the “to main mix” button on the Q502,

Isn’t that what the To Phones button is for? Mixes the mixer show with the USB return.


When I press to “to phones” button I can’t hear the guitar, just the song track.

You’re right. According to the User Manual (page-8) the TO PHONES button is just so you can hear if the recording is OK. It’s not part of the production process.

You can’t use the computer’s headphones for perfect overdubbing (hear both you and the backing track) so you’re stuck.


This is from a small Mackie mixer (profx6v3). It does have the connections for mixing to headphones.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 13.27.22.png

You can do Simple Overdubbing as I just posted a second ago to someone with similar problems. You can play to the backing track, you just won’t hear yourself.

That’s what she’s doing. The backing track is in her left muff and her live voice is in her right ear.

In your case, you can listen to the computer sound for the backing track and just straighten out latency issues later with the Time Shift Tools.


OK thank you for your help

This might be a good time to examine some of the sync tricks. Instead of diving right into the drum or backing track, record a lead-in.

“One and Two and Three and Clap!” You recite along with the words and clap exactly in time with the clap in the track. This will make it a lot easier to line everything up later. You may have seen YouTube performers doing this for their overdubbing session and just left it in the performance.