Can't load Module

I just installed Audacity 2.0.0 on Windows 7 x64
When I start audacity I see a box “Scanning VST Plugins” with a progress bar, then a new window pops up “Can’t load Module. Synthedit Scope2”. I click the OK box and another one opens for “Chorus effect”, which also goes away, then finally ‘dehaupt Matchgate’ which will not go away or close. The only way I can get out of the loop is to use Task Manager to shut down Audacity. Can any one help?

Audacity does not accept all plugins and additions. The ones that demand fancy graphics or GUIs are not supported and may create problems. If you hit one (or more) that fail, then Audacity may be left in an awkward state.

You pointed to three plugins. How many were you installing?

Audacity may slow if you try to load entire product lines of filters and tools. Also as you’re finding, if you run into problems, you could need to rescue Audacity from the install process.

Try just loading the tools you plan to use. You can also use an Audacity setting to prevent it from looking at plugins at startup.

Edit > Preferences > Effects > [ ]Enable Effects.


Is this what you have ?

Audacity should ignore it I would think. Do you have it installed correctly?


Koz - I can’t change the settings, because I can’t get into Audacity. I was not personally trying to install anything, this happened as part of the first startup
Gale - I don’t have Synthedit installed, but I may have a synth that was made with it. KX modulad includes a file with scope v2 in the name.
I can’t find anything with the name dehaupt Matchgate or chorus effect. I just googled it and found this forum post:

I just posted a reply that was only half done (must have hit a wrong key combination). I was saying that I just found another forum post with the same problem ( The “dehaupt Matchgate” seems to be a plugin made with synthedit, but I do not know how it came to be on my PC. Synthedit scope 2 also appears in a few problem forums.
I am going to try renaming (temporarily) my plugins folders

OK, I just renamed all my VSTPlugins folder by adding a + sign in front of the name, and Audacity opened fine, without trying to load anything. I unchecked the box for VST in the Enable effects dialog, closed everything and restarted, no problems. I have also left the “Rescan VST effects next time…” box unchecked. I still have no real idea what the problem plugins are doing on my PC, but at least I now have Audacity working again. Thanks Koz and Gale for helping.

I still use Audacity for a final rendering of music I’m posting to music sites, but I’ll never install it again. So far, I’ve installed it five separate times on four machines (Win 7, both 64 and 32 bit, different Windows installs). In each case, they were new installs where I had installed a lot of stuff to my x86/vst plugins directory, but in many cases hadn’t used or run them yet. Each time on first startup, when Audacity checks the VST folder, it takes over 50 minutes to startup. It generates over 2000 errors requiring hitting the OK button (relating to about sixteen plugins, most but not all made with synthedit). It loads and starts the demo period of any demos. It starts the registration screen of anything needing to be registered. It starts the firstrun screen of anything needing a firstrun. Windows flash up and disappear too quickly to be read telling me that various vsts are doing things. It generates dozens and dozens of prompts and warnings in addition to the not found errors. In short, it’s the worst startup of any program I have ever seen in 37 years of computing.

By comparison, Cubase, which also checks everything on startup, generates only half a dozen module errors on exactly the same folder. It starts up the registration or demo process on some plugins, but I ran Cubase for the first time before I ran Audacity. Audacity caused heaps more stuff to happen. The only thing I can say for Audacity is that Cubase crashed four times on startup and Audacity didn’t. Even then, though, I got Cubase up and running within fifteen minutes.

How many people really use Audacity as a VST host? I think not many. There is no need for Audacity to check every vst and vsti on firstrun.

Yes, Audacity loads all plug-ins at launch (from cache after first launch), rather than waiting until they are asked for by the user. Hence the warnings for shareware plug-ins you have not authorised. Please see and the 2.0.0 Release Notes.

Audacity should ignore VST instruments after looking at them. It is possible if synthedit makes VST effects as well as VST instruments that Audacity may choke on them. That said, we can’t check it out unless you are able to zip up the sixteen plug-ins and upload them somwehere for us to have a look at them, such as: .

This suggests to me an abnormal number of plug-ins with problems and authorisation issues.

Many thousands, but few of them building their own VST’s.