Cant load Audio from SD card

Hi. Wonder if anyone can help.

I’ve loaded a 2 hour concert (2G) from an SD card with no problem. When I tried to load the afternoon rehearsal from a similar SD card using the same method, it wouldn’t do it.
Both SD cards are 4G/10’s and bought together. The afternoon rehearsal was over 3 hours and took up 3G+ on the card.
Any help would be appreciated as I need both cards so as to make minor edits.

I’m on Windows 7 pro/64 - Audacity 2.0.3

Some sound formats have a dividing line at the 2GB boundary and another one at 4GB. Microsoft WAV has this which is why it’s not an open-ended format. That’s the only thing I can think of. Koz

How did you record the file? What hardware did you use? Do you have a digital recorder? Does the file play-back on the digital recorder? Does the digital recorder have a USB jack? Do you know what format is on the SD cards?

If you do have an uncompressed out-of-spec (oversize) WAV file you should be able to import it as “RAW” data, but if helps if you know the sample rate, bit-depth, and number of channels. Otherwise, you’ll have to guess. And, you’ll have to use some trial-and-error to guess the offset (should be between 0 and 4), even if you know the other paramaters.

… If the file is a compressed format and you open it as raw data, you’ll get horrible noise. If you guess the wrong sample rate, the speed will be wrong. If you guess the wrong bit-depth you’ll get horrible noise. If you guess the wrong offset you can get horrible noise, or you can get the left & right channels swapped. And since the file header will be read as raw audio, you’ll have to edit-out a few milliseconds of noise at the beginning of the file.

Cheers Koz and DVDdoug. Have solved it by importing it as Raw. The query was why would one card load in the normal way yet the other wouldn’t. Both were 4G/10’s, both were recorded on a Zoom H2n on the same day, venue etc, 16/44k, both played back on it and on windows media player. I suspect it may be because the second file was over 3hours long and 3.2G, whereas the first was 2 hours and just under 2G. Who knows. But again thanks to you both for the help. pB.