Can't install the FFmpeg Import/Export Library

64 bit Windows 10
Audacity 2.4.1

I can’t manage to access to download FFmpeg. I get either an ‘Unable to connect’ message, or, when reinstalling Audacity (and hoping to ‘reset preferences’), the following: ‘Error 522 Ray ID: 5a1b13535dcbe5ec • 2020-06-11 11:44:08 UTC’.
I have tried adjusting my firewall to the best of my ability.
Help, please!

You shouldn’t need to adjust your firewall.
Error 522 indicates that the request has timed out (temporarily unavailable).
I’ve just checked the site and it is working for me. I’d suggest that you give it another go.

Thanks for your prompt response. I’ve tried again – and did so many times before I posted my message. I still can’t access Any ideas?
Best regards,

Google found a ZIP copy [u]here[/u]. The file size is the same as the official download so it’s probably legit.

Thanks very much! Very easy and quick! It works fine now!