Can't install Noise Gate for Audacity

Hi !
I have been trying to install Noise Gate on Windows 10, but have been unsuccessful.

This is the error message I keep getting:
Audacity did not recognize the type of file ‘C:\Users.…\Noisegate.ny’. Try installing FFmpeg. For uncompressed files, also try File > Import > Raw Data.

I have downloaded FFmpeg multiple times. It’s location even shows up under “Preferences” in Audacity. But, FFmpeg is not listed under the “export as” drop down menu. I don’t know if that matters.

Please help!!!
Thank you

This is a video about how to actually install FFMpeg …

… but it’s not a format. It’s more a driver. You try to Export or Import a wacky or advanced file format and Audacity goes: “Hang on a second, I need to talk to FFMpeg and find out how to do that.” [Time passes.] “OK, got it. Let’s go.”

Without FFMpeg, Audacity would just say “I have zero idea how to do that. Have a happy day.”

MP3 is a slightly different problem. Audacity can open them all day long, but it can’t make any new ones without the “Lame” software.


Thank you for the video. But I’ve already done that.

In my preferences, under FFmpeg there is a location already. Here’s what is listed:
FFmpeg Import/Export Library
FFmpeg Library Version: F(55.33.100),C(55.52.102),U(52.66.100)

However, despite already having downloaded the FFmpeg library, I am still unable to download Noise Gate.

Yes. I’m just now waking up the real question.

When you download Noisegate.ny, make sure your computer didn’t try to add .txt to the end of the file during download. Finding out can be a pain in the neck because Windows will try to hide the .txt in the name “to help you.”

Once you have Noisegate.ny, drag it to the Audacity Plugins folder and drop it in. Don’t let any app or process try to “open” it or “run” it.

After you do that, launch Audacity and Effect > Add/Remove plugins > Noisegate.

Getting out to the wide view for a minute, why do you need Noise Gate? I note ACX gave up the good fight and has been recommending Noise Gate for people with bad background noise problems as they read audiobooks. NoiseGate can be rough to adjust so it sounds natural. That’s not our first choice.


That worked! Thank you!!!

I saw a tutorial that said Noise gate can be used to remove breath sounds from narration. Is that not correct? Or is there something better?

Where is this tutorial?

The problem with Noise Gate is a ticklish adjustment between not enough and too much. Badly adjusted Noise Gate can give you little noise tails before and after words. It can restrict the artistic and theatrical emphasis on words and phrases as those phrases may fall outside the gate range.

“I said to John in a low, cautious voice. _____________.”

Whose mastering process are you using and where did you find it?


where did you find it?

We should remember this is a forum, users helping each other, not a Help Desk. So the more information you can give us about what you’re doing, the faster we can help you, but the more information everybody else has.


It was a YouTube video.

Thank you.
I’m new to all of this. All of your help is very much appreciated.

He is referring to this Nyquist plug-in:

Instructions for installing Nyquist plug-ins: