Can't install mda VST plugins?

Ok, I’m really not sure what’s wrong. I’m using Windows 7 and installed a recent version of Audacity from the .exe (version is 2.0.3)

I’ve downloaded the mda VST plugins ( for Windows, extracted all the .dll files and put them in my Audacity/Plug-Ins/ folder, but none of these effects are appearing under the ‘Effects’ menu item in Audacity.

I’ve tried deleting them and adding them back in and adding just a single effect, but still no luck.

Is this a common problem? What am I doing wrong?

Instructions for installing VST effect are here:
(the “rescan” is important)

Ah, that worked! I wasn’t sure what was wrong because another plugin worked fine earlier without using that rescan (but I suspect that’s because it wasn’t a VST).

After ticking the rescan option the VST plugins appeared on restart. Thanks Steve. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.