Can't install Lame 3.99.3 [SOLVED]

I’m using Win 10 and Audacity 2.2.1. I can’t get Audacity to recognize lame_enc.dll in the preference library. It is installed in C: program files (x86)/lame for audacity. Nothing seems to happen. I don’t see a Save Other option in Files. I believe I have followed all the installation and troubleshooting instructions including reloading Audacity and deleting cfg files.

Can it be manually installed?

The “Save Other” menu was in Audacity 2.2.0 only. You must still have the old manual, so something is not quite right.

I’d suggest that you uninstall Audacity and Lame completely, then do a fresh install of Audacity 2.2.1, with the recommended EXE installer from here: Audacity ® | Download for Windows . During the installation, select the option to “Reset Preferences”. Download and install Lame using “RECOMMENDED Installer Package for Windows: Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe”. Then Launch Audacity and test by exporting a short project in MP3 format (File menu > Export > Export as MP3).

Solved. I guess I can export mp3. The library preferences just makes it look like lame wasn’t installed. The ‘Save Other’ is not on my program. I was going off instructions that’s why I was confused. Thanks for the help.

Last summer there was a vulnerability report CVE-2017-11720 about Lame 3.99.5 in the NIST National Vulnerability Database

For this reason I have been waiting for an update to Lame and found one (version 3.100, published in Oct 2017) in

When I placed the new “lame_enc.dll” to the known location, Audacity 2.2.1 did not accept this version. Usually it is good practice to use the most recent version of software but this does not seem possible now. Is it safe to use Lame 3.99.3 because the report was about 3.99.5?

Audacity requires Lame to be built with specific “hooks” enabled that allow the library to be accessed programmatically. More usually, Lame is built without these hooks enabled, which does not allow Audacity to use the library. In short, use the recommended version of Lame.

Yes that vulnerability report is about version 3.100.
Even if it did affect version 3.99.3, the vulnerability is caused by a malformed input file, but Audacity does not send files to Lame, it sends audio data direct from the project. If the data from Audacity was not properly formed, then the output file would be corrupt, regardless of what format is chosen, but that doesn’t happen.

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